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foreign exchange & international payments

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The Market

3 easy steps to save money


Save money on your international

  • Open an account with IPFX and submit the relevant identification documents
  • Call our dealing floor and request a quote
  • If you are happy with the quote we book a deal and send you a contract note
  • You send your funds to IPFX
  • IPFX sends your funds to the bank account you requested on the contract note

Why open an account

IPFX operates strict anti money laundering procedures and will not open an account for clients who do not provide all documentation requested. Island Premier is regulated by the Bank of Mauritius and has to at all times know the identity of the clients its deals with. The documents you provide are only used to confirm your identity to allow IPFX to transact with you.

Contact types

Spot contracts
Gives you the best available exchange rate when you need to buy or sell currency for immediate settlement.
Forward contracts
Forward contracts allow you to fix your exchange rate for a future trade, even if you don’t have all of your funds available yet. This allows you to take advantage of favourable exchange rates up to 1 year in advance.
Linked contracts
A limit order is an order to buy or sell currency at a pre-determined level better than the current market rate. Our dealers monitor you order 24/7 and your currency is purchased automatically when your target level is achieved.

Who We Are

Island Premier Foreign Exchange is one of Mauritius leading currency brokers providing individuals and companies with money saving foreign exchange services. A client dealing with Island Premier benefits from dealing with a company that applies the highest standards of compliance is regulated by the Bank of Mauritius and operates segregated client accounts with its banking partners.

Island Premier Foreign Exchange transfers over $150 million every year globally for both corporate and individual clients.